Exploring HealthyPi v4

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Exploring HealthyPi v4

Remote Monitoring in healthcare

HealthyPi v4 gives patients much greater involvement in the management of their own health, while simultaneously providing peace of mind that vital health information(including ECG and heart-rate, heart-rate variability, histogram, Respiration based on the impedance pneumograph, Pulse oximetry (SPo2), Body temperature) is been monitored in real-time and with high accuracy.

For regions of the world in which professional health care is relatively scarce – and where the cost of conventional patient monitors can be prohibitive – HealthyPi devices can serve as an important stopgap. With support for standalone use and the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), HealthyPi v4 is now more accessible than ever.

Open - Always room for Development

Using HealthyPi v4 as open-source mature development platform you can recreate building your own applications. It features On board Espressif ESP32 in WROOM32 module format, ADS1292R 24-bit analog front end,TI AFE4400 22-bit ADC pulse oximetry front end, On board 5V power source, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2x Qwiic compatible connectors and an internal rechargeable battery. Keep making things with HealthyPi v4.

Explore ideas

1.How do you imagine the monitoring system of the future?

Using HealthyPi v4 vital signs monitoring system as source. If you really give it a try - you will make your application live with HealthyPi.

2.Can you respond to the 2019 PhysioNet challenge and detect Sepsis with your HealthyPi v4?

One way might be to try Early Prediction of Sepsis using vital signs measured by the HealthyPi v4.

Discovering the best of HealthyPi v4

1. Bringing you the simple healthcare providing the major human physiological data for people who find it really difficult to go to doctors on a daily checkup or for those patients who need continuous monitoring from the doctor.

2. Observing health data and can be used in a variety of clinical research studies.

3. You can customize into your own health monitor by configuring based on your requirements/applications.

4. Add-on human vital signs into your projects related to healthcare.

5. Being a wearable platform, you can explore even more effective.